+ City of Manassas Republican Committee

Preliminary results of today’s Republican Canvass Election will be posted here throughout the event.

Constitutional offices:

Sheriff (Glen Hill vs. Mike Messier) WINNER: Glenn Hill

Clerk of Court (Michele McQuigg vs. Austin Haynes) WINNER: Michele McQuigg

In addition, Prince William County Board of County Supervisors:

Chairman (Corey Stewart vs. Chris Crawford) WINNER: Corey Stewart,

Coles Supervisor (Marty Nohe vs. Paul O’Meara) WINNER: Marty Nohe

Occoquan Supervisor (Ruth Anderson vs. Don Scoggins) WINNER: Ruth Anderson

Woodbridge Supervisor (Lee Price vs. Steve Champman) WINNER: Steve Chapman

CLICK HERE to view the preliminary vote breakdown.

 Upcoming Events

Celebrate America this Independence it’s an all-American party in Historic Downtown Manassas

Celebrate America Manassas Independence Day

Celebrate America Independence with with an assortment of live entertainment for both kids and adults. Culminating with one of the largest fireworks displays in Northern Virginia! It’s an all-American party in Historic Downtown Manassas.


Location:  9201 Center Street Manassas, VA 20110

* See Events Calendarp for full details.


Your Precinct Polling Locations from 6am - 7pm

Election Day

Election Day

Location:  Manassas City Precinct Polling locations

* See Manassas City Voter Registration Office Website for full details.