+ City of Manassas Republican Committee

Welcome to City of Manassas Republican Committee!

Manassas is a great place to live, and we are excited about the opportunities before us. The Manassas Republican Committee is a diverse group with a variety of views on the issues of the day. What we have in common is a strong desire to improve the quality of life in our community. We promote the conservative principles and Republican candidates who uphold those principles..

This is an important election year for the Commonwealth of Virginia and we sincerely hope that you can help our committee ensure the future prosperity of City of Manassas.

We look forward to seeing youat our meetings or events!

Sharon Ashurst, Chairwoman
City of Manassas Republican Committee

 Upcoming Events

Your Precinct Polling Locations from 6am - 7pm

Election Day

Election Day

Location:  Manassas City Precinct Polling locations

* See Manassas City Voter Registration Office Website for full details.