Help Empower the 2017 Campaign by Volunteering!

2017 will bring many changes to the political-governmental landscape in Virginia. This year we select Commonwealth of Virginia Candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General. The General Assembly of Virginia Candidates for the House of Delegates are also in play. As are the The Manassas City Constitutional Officer Candidates for Commissioner of the Revenue and Treasurer.
Please join the City of Manassas Republican Committee as a member and support the various programs intended to elect Republicans on Election Day. The MCRC meets throughout the year for the purpose of recruiting candidates and supporting their election. Let's make this another great political year!
Our electronic volunteer form is currently undergoing a review. We hope to have a new version up shortly. Until then, you may contact us HERE Thank you for your patience!

10 Things You Can Do For The City of Manassas Republicans

  1. Join the City of Manassas Republicans.
  2. Attend meetings, rallies and fund raisers.
  3. Show your support by donating.
  4. Attend Supervisors and School Board meetings to know the issues.
  5. Check your library for a balance in newspapers and magazines. Ask for publications such as The Weekly Standard, National Review, Human Events, etc.
  6. Consider donating a subscription to these publications if your library won’t.
  7. Be aware of what our Public schools are teaching especially in social studies, American history. and Goverment
  8. Join and support organizations such as The Heritage Foundation.
  9. Write letters expressing your opinions to your representatives and to your local newspapers.
  10. Be knowledgeable on the issues and speak out.
In order to function properly our government must have citizens that are knowledgeable and involved. If they are not involved they will be replaced by special interests which may or may not have the best interests of the country in mind.